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AGI offers a variety of laminated glass products. The key to lamination is the interlayer that is used. We carry Dupont SGP (Sentry Glas Plus) which we are certified to laminate, Bridgestone EVA Safe interlayer and Bridgestone Euro Filter films and fabrics. These laminates can be used for both interior and exterior products. We also produce LCD Switchable glass and miniature LED lighted glass panels.

The various products that we can produce using these interlayers are as follows.
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  • Stair Treads and Glass Railings:* Regular or Non-skid surface glass laminated to create a glass stair tread. Stair treads can be clear, have color or laminated with LED Lights. The railings can be used for interior stairs, around pools and balconies.

  • Cracked Ice:* This is a product where 3 pieces of glass are laminated together. The inner layer is tempered glass which is shattered to produce the cracked ice glass appearance.

  • Dupont SGP Interlayer and its' uses: SGP offers five times the tear strength and 100 times the rigidity of conventional PVB interlayer. Because of its added strength, clarity, durability, fabrication and installation ease, it is an excellent candidate for demanding applications in the architectural market place. This interlayer is used for hurricane resistant windows, glass canopies, glass railings, burglar resistant glass and bullet resistant glass to name a few.

  • Switchable Glass: This is an interlayer that is opaque when turned off and turns clear when turned on via an electrical current. Switchable glass can be used in almost any commercial or residential area where you want privacy such as a conference room and bathroom.

  • LED Lighted Interlayer: This is an interlayer that has led lights embedded into it. The customer determines the design and color they are looking for. It can be used for stair treads, logos and advertising to name a few.

  • Euro Filter Films and Fabric Interlayers: These interlayers come in a multiple of colors and textures. They are used for decorative glass applications in both the commercial and residential sector.

  • Engineered Laminated Glass Products:* We can provide engineered laminated products for Connecticut and New York.