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IG Line

Insulating Glass Unit (commonly referred to as IGU or IG) is a set of two or more lites of glass, spaced apart with aluminum spacers that are filled with descicant and hermetically sealed to form a single glazed unit. The desiccant is to prevent condensation and improve insulating performance. The air space between each lite is to improve the thermal performance of glass when used in architectural applications.

The primary seal is polyisobutylene (PIB), the most effective barrier to moisture vapor and water. Our secondary seal consists of polysulfide for conventionally glazed applications, or silicone for structural-glazed applications.

Insulated glazing may be framed in a sash or frame or in a curtain wall. IGUs are also commonly used for replacement windows.

AGI offers a number of glass options such as clear, tinted and Low-E. To add energy efficiency, we offer Argon Gas filled IGU's and we can produce IGUs with muntins. We provide the standard straight muntins as well as bent muntins for windows that have sunburst or are round. Muntins are available in a variety of colors. We can provide aluminm and colored spacers as well as simulated divided lite (SDL) spacers.IG Bent Muntin

What sets AGI apart from its' competition is that our IGUs are meticulously fabricated and they are clearned prior to leaving the shop so that they are ready to install when they arrive to our customers. Because we use a high grade PIB you will never have that sticky and tacky feeling on the outside of the unit after it is dry.

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